The Trust Equation

This is the equation I use to measure Trust. Yes, trust can be measured. The Trust Equation, from Charles Green, provides a scientific, analytical and actionable framework for organizations and individuals improve their businesses and lives. There are four variables in the Trust Equation. Credibilityhas to do with the words we speak. E.g.,“I can trust... Continue Reading →

The scam of multitasking

For years, I fell for the scam of multitasking.I thought I could get more done in less time, if I multitasked. A while back I started realizing the illusion that multitasking is. But I haven't found a better explanation than that in the bestseller The One Thing. So, can we do more than one thing... Continue Reading →

Offering Kind Feedback

The other day, my daughter took her vaccine shot. It hurt. It helped. It inspired a couple of thoughts. When your kid is taking a vaccine, there are three crucial points. The 5 minutes before the shot (could be longer depending on how soon you tell them and they know they're going to get one),... Continue Reading →

Beyond Empathy to Compassion

In the past 2+ years of the pandemic, leaders have wanted for nothing as much as their people's voices to be heard, their emotions to be be an empathetic leader. But, is it enough to be empathetic? HBR says, "It begins with understanding the difference between empathy and compassion..It is helpful to consider the... Continue Reading →

Planning the Plan

"If only glaring at that weighing machine helped me lose pounds", used to be a running joke in my school friends circle. Some things don't change. Now, its a health app instead. But really, do health apps make us fit, money mgt apps make us rich or mindfulness apps heal our mental state? What do... Continue Reading →

Building Accountability

Prepandemic era.On my way to work, there used to be this busy traffic intersection. We almost always knew when the traffic police was on vacation. As long as he manned the traffic post, the commuters remembered their driving lessons. When he was away, the commuters had their way. In a leader's book, A is for... Continue Reading →

Inclusion for Just One

The other day I was offered a tour of my 6yo's new school. As the staff walked us through the corridoors, she paused before a room. As I read the sign on the door- "Braille class", I looked at her curiously. "We have a student who is blind. A teacher for the visually impaired comes... Continue Reading →

The Dichotomy of Leadership

The Ultimate Dichotomy of Leadership Raise your hand if this is not relatable-"There are limitless dichotomies in leadership…. But none are as difficult as this: to care deeply for each individual member of the team, while at the same time accepting the risks necessary to accomplish the mission.." I've struggled with this myself.Balancing your care... Continue Reading →

Unfear Failures

Growing up, this little girl didn’t fear cockroaches or horror tales. She feared failure. She feared failing the people she loved, subject tests, competitions.. life. Like most kids her age, she wasn’t trained to talk about failure. Perhaps trained not to talk about it much.In a system that had little tolerance for failure, she did... Continue Reading →

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