Dalle.E – the AI artist

This AI model has been breaking the internet over the weekend. The Dall.E mini uses AI to generate images from a prompt/ text input. It is based on the OpenAI devised software GPT-3 and was initially created in 2021. https://huggingface.co/spaces/dalle-mini/dalle-mini if you’d like to try it out. Once on the page, you will be asked to type... Continue Reading →

AI Server

Rosa served our order the other day. Here’s what it could do- -Deliver dishes for up to four tables at a time thanks to a multipoint delivery mode. -Make it convenient for customers to take dishes. -With the AI-based path system, the robot could plan routes intelligently and accurately. System maintenance and upgrade were enabled... Continue Reading →

Responsible AI speakership

A gentleman in the audience: “Can the AI model detect sarcasm?”Me: “Good question.. not yet..” I'm picking up on being Responsible with my AI Speakership.An AI speaker sweeps the audience off their feet with the latest and greatest innovations in tech. A Responsible AI Speaker shows them both sides of the coin. It is important... Continue Reading →

AI can paint thoughts

AI can Paint Thoughts. My favorite section of Kevin Scott’s #MSBuild KeyNote today is at -4:55 (Link In comments) It shows AI creating realistic images from a child’s description of it in natural language. I have a 7yo at home; talk about Imagi-nation! The prospect of painting our ideas and thoughts is intriguing.When I first learnt of... Continue Reading →

AI turns Paper to App

I turns Paper to App. When I learnt of Express Design in PowerApps announced at Microsoft Build today, I could not not try it.The video demo shows how advanced cognitive AI models understood the hand drawn image that I captured and uploaded by phone.It understood the structure of the form, the controls, and my handwriting. Even... Continue Reading →

AI Gardener

AI gardener Ever take a stroll in your neighborhood and argue with someone on what tree that was? Wonder what the best spot for sunlight for your house plant is? Worried how much water is just enough? Need reminders for plant care? From plant disease detection to botanist helpline, plant parents know that you have... Continue Reading →

AI powered nose

Can you smell that piping hot chicken tikka from my IG story?Maybe soon. AI olfaction is an area that’s gaining traction. In 2020, a woman named Joy Milne made headlines for having a sense of smell so strong and powerful that she could literally smell if someone had Parkinson’s disease (PD). Her incredible gift prompted researchers to... Continue Reading →

AI word games

First grader’s word games Me:Interesting you wrote “AI”Do you know what it is? She:It’s a Technology.It makes robots.You talk about it, a lot. Me:🙆‍♀️

Mothers day

My kids ask me what it was like to live in a world before Alexa.Did I feel lost?Who helped me before Google? I say “My mommy!”Then and Now. She had no issues deciphering voices. Didn’t need something to be rephrased.Fully understood the context; even read between the lines.Was never offline or out of coverage. To... Continue Reading →

Bots- beat the Imposter Syndrome!

The first and the best thing a bot can do to help is to admit it's one. Bot creators name and design bots to mimic a human agent experience. This anthropomorphism can backfire. Studies suggest that as many as 20% of call center interactions involve hostile, angry, complaining customers. Humanizing bots led to false perceptions.... Continue Reading →

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